The Garbage Job

Work as a Garbage Man and clean up the streets of Los Santos!

The Garbage Job

JobFramework Feature
The Garbage Job is one of our scripted, server-side jobs. You are tasked with cleaning up the streets of Los Santos where residents have left garbage bags outside of their homes. The Garbage Job is simple enough and requires no skill, but does require a unique sense of Roleplay as you will be taken through some of the toughest neighbourhoods in Los Santos, so you need to be able to charm your way out of trouble.


To begin the Garbage Job, you must first visit the Garbage HQ to begin employment. There is no formal interview or process to this, so long as you are currently unemployed - you are able to join! When employed, you will be allowed to start your shift, much like clocking in. Starting your shift is simple, visit the HQ and clock in! It'll then give you the option to change your work clothes into sometime more suited for summer weather or winter.

Choosing your preference

We have given you, the employee, two options in regards to how you work. You can either take one of our Garbage Zones or one of our Garbage Routes. Zones and Routes are similar in that, whilst you will be tasked with visiting different areas, you are still employed to pick up trash.
Routes and Zones
Routes are described as an iterative approach to the Garbage Job. You are tasked with following specific directions that move you through certain streets and areas. This will give you the best chance to meet new people and get some interaction on the go. Since this approach is iterative, you won't be able to skip garbage spots until you have completed the one prior, which makes sure you are doing the job properly!

Currently, there are 5 routes which spam across South Los Santos. They weave in and out of residential areas, all with different pick-up points.
Zones are the opposite approach. They are not iterative but functional, so you can go to whatever spot you like and pick up Garbage from there. Zones are more focused into industrial or non-street-esque parts of Los Santos, so interaction will usually be minimal or with the work-force. An easier job, but a more boring life!

Currently, there are 5 zones which cover multiple industrial districts.


/getjob - You're employed!
/quitjob - You're un-employed!
/startshift - Clocks you in for your job. Gives you employment options.
/endshift - Clocks you out and ends your shift.
/collectgarbage - Picks up a trash bag.
/throwgarbage - Throws a trash bag.
/garbagepark - Parks your vehicle.
/recruitdriver [id] - Bring a friend along or recruit a driver to share the earnings!
/acceptdriver - Accept the recruitment invitation and become the driver of a Route or Zone!