How to Join Rage RP

A step-by-step installation guide to join the fun.

A Guide: Joining Rage Roleplay

How to Join Guide

Rage Roleplay, is a server, whilst free to join, requires that you have some prerequisites before you're actually able to connect. As a server, we utilize RAGE Multiplayer which is a multiplayer Grant Theft Auto V mod which allows a regular player to connect to custom servers outside of Rockstar / Take-Two Interactive. These servers are all custom, and you can find some pretty unique concepts out there. Below is our personal step-by-step guide in joining Rage Roleplay.

Custom Checklist

Follow these simple steps to join Rage Roleplay.

In order to join Rage Roleplay, you must have the following.

1. A full, legitimate copy of GTA V.
    With the correct system requirements

2. A stable internet connection.
    To power some downloads to get onto the server!

3. No previous, active, community bans!
    The act of joining with an active ban on your person is prohibited!

4. Knowledge of Roleplay.
    You will be tested on your knowledge of Roleplay before joining!

RAGE Multiplayer comes in the form of an application download. You can find it on

After installing the .zip, run the .msi file and follow the installation instructions.
Once you have followed the wizard, you can now run the RAGE Multiplayer Client.

RAGE Multiplayer requires the latest .NET Framework and the Visual C++ Redistributable.
We have made a separate guide on how to get started with the application!

Now you have everything to go, it's time to join the server.

On your RAGE Multiplayer Client, click Direct Connect and enter [IP To be Posted] or...
Find us on the Server List Tab.

Remember, when joining Rage Roleplay, you should have a full copy of Grant Theft Auto V and be completely unbanned from our game service. By joining the service, you agree to follow the listed rules on on forums and breach of that can result in termination of your access. If you're having any troubles joining, or troubles with the RAGE Multiplayer installation, feel free to visit our Discord and we'll answer any questions you have!