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A Brief History on Rage Roleplay

What is Rage Roleplay

Rage Roleplay is a top of the line Grant Theft Auto V Roleplaying community. We provide a top class service and home for many roleplaying enthusiasts that want to find a relaxed, experienced and no-fuss server. We run on the RAGE Multiplayer modification and have buckets of experience in the world of Roleplay. We have a custom, from scratch, codebase devised from many programming languages and libraries, giving you the most out of what is expected from Grant Theft Auto V. Roleplaying however, isn't known by many - so if you feel like you have a story to tell or enjoy the thought of acting out a colourful character life, then this is the place for you.

We are currently in closed development for the next month or so. During this time, we are devising systems that will allow fluent gameplay and many routes for your character to take. Once we feel the system is ready to be tested by the wider public, we will release a multiple-week public alpha for all players to try. Until then, kick back and relax - we'll be open soon.

Rage Roleplay Teaser #1 (rage-rp.com)